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Promobike, media bike video
Promotrailers, mobile billboards for sale.
Promobikes a perfect tool for BTL and OOH media agencies


Our company is proud of it’s number one product on the market. Promobikes enable you to deliver message to the target market faster and more cost-effectively by providing lowest cost per thousand impressions.

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Digital promobikes a perfect tool for BTL and OOH media agencies

Digital promobikes

Advertising opportunities with help of Digital Promobikes are almost limitless. Whether you use it for advertising own business or you are OOH advertising or BTL agency, Promobikes will deliver rapid return on investment.

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Advertising trailers is low cost, high efficiency mobile out of home advertising tool perfect for start-ups


Launched in February 2012 promotrailers were designed based on the same 6 sheet billboard size concept as Promobikes. Promotrailers are best suited for small and startup companies for self advertising.

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Walking billboards is flexible indoor and outdoor advertising tool, widely used for sampling and promotional campaigns


Human advertising billboard is unique indoor/outdoor advertising tool. Brand ambassadors have been using the promowalker concept for over a decade in crowded pedestrian areas, shopping malls, trade shows, concerts, store openings.

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Segway Advertising Billboard is a Unique Media Tool Enabling Advertisers to Reach and Interact with Thousands of Customers at Personal Level Daily


Unique mobile outdoor advertising tool has been gaining global popularity by providing effective way for advertisers to deliver message and interact with target audience at personal level.

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Promotruck, a perfect high impact outdoor advertising tool for local and regional campaigns


HC Cosmos, Limited produces mobile billboards for trucks as well called Promotrucks in the whole territory of European Union. Unique design advertising trucks have the total of 38 square meters of advertising space.

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