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Promobikes is mobile outdoor media channel with lowest cost per thousand impressions

Promobikes, as well, called Advertising bikes is an outdoor advertising channel based on high impact, direct advertising in central areas of the city. It is mainly targeted at huge residential, business, youth, visiting & transient daily audience repeatedly. High impact of mobile billboards on target audience has been proven by The European Outdoor Advertising Association, Zurich, Switzerland.

Promobike is a unique outdoor advertising tool. Four wheel quad with integrated lightbox can ride in the city center or old town almost without any restrictions because it is 100% human powered and very maneuverable. Mobile billboard is directly exposed to thousands of pedestrians and bypassing car traffic. This powerful and cost-effective tool ensures significant brand exposure, as well gives opportunity to interact with the target audience and get closer to the point of sale than traditional media.

This unique concept has delivered quality service and value to a variety of major brands and retailers globally. Mobile outdoor advertising is used along with other media for both commercial and non-commercial campaigns as well charitable causes.

Promotion bike is fully adaptable for any campaign. The advertising vehicle is ideal for High Street Retail environments, Site/Store/Shop openings, Product launches, Sampling, Trade Shows, Concerts, Sports events, Exhibitions, Conferences, Election Campaigns etc.

It is advertising channel dominating the busiest city locations. Promobikes reach areas where other advertising means are limited or not permitted. Even the affluent business travelers and tourists can be reached at international airports with the help of Pomobikes.

Promobikes a perfect tool for BTL and OOH media agencies

"HC Cosmos" Ltd. has a long standing experience in out-of-home mobile advertising industry. Company produces state of the art human powered advertising bikes. Our unique design products can be purchased directly from us or our distributors throughout Europe and Asia.

Promobike concept has been of success in the largest cities of the World, such as London, New York, Mumbai, Paris, Toronto, Barcelona, Athens, Stockholm, Dublin, Atlanta, Budapest etc. Advertising opportunities with help of adbikes are almost limitless. We offer:

  • Low start-up costs
  • High return on investment
  • Full marketing support available
  • Free web site design for business startups
  • A proven success in the Europe, Asia, Canada and the USA

Advantages of Mobile Billboards Compared to Other Media channels:

  • Low cost per thousand impressions
  • Environmentally friendly advertising
  • Innovative and eye-catching
  • Delivering high-impact impressions
  • Closer to the point of sale
  • High impact audio and visual combination
  • Ideal for pedestrian areas
  • All weather and season operation
  • Can be Bluetooth and GPS tracking system enabled
  • Unlike 3 wheeled advertising trikes promobikes are very stable
  • Riders can handout promotional material or do sampling
  • National, regional or local campaigns

Promobike Design

Unique and innovative mobile billboard advertising concept - Promobikes, are integrated with 6 sheet lightbox - designed around outdoor advertising standard 1200mm (4ft) X 1800mm (6ft) has back-lighting capability with custom-designed LED lighting system (durability up to 100.000 hours). Backlight feature enables to carry promotional campaigns at night.

Promo bikes are equipped with custom designed high performance sound systems to attract the bypassing attention to up to 80 meters around.

Promobike technical description

  • frame – from certified Swedish steel (International ISO 9001:2000/ LST EN ISO 9001:2001)
  • seat - adjusted for stable ride with cross-section close to the seat, ergonomic and with easy entry
  • shade – made from durable organic glass (DIN ISO 9001: 2000), designed to shelter from weather influences
  • 6 sheet light-box - designed around outdoor advertising standard 1200mm (4ft) X 1800mm (6ft). Has back-lighting capability with custom-designed LED lighting system (durability up to 100.000 hours)
  • gears - internal 8 gear hub, more durable system requires less maintenance than derailleur gears
  • break system - all wheel hydraulic break system with parking fuction and brake pressures adjusted for maximum safety.
  • wheels - double alloy wheel rims, steel spokes, high pressure tires (Maxxis)
  • lights - rear indication and front urban safety light
  • custom designed sound system (Amp.: 20wX2channel, 55db; Spe.: max power:100w, imp:4ohm, S.P.L:91db, frequence response:9.5khz-19khz)
  • total weight 135kg (light-box included)
  • standard colors: metallic grey, metallic silver, metallic blue, metallic cherry, metallic green, metallic black.

Effectiveness of mobile outdoor billboards compared to other mediums

Advertising bikes reach more people compared to other medium (apart from TV). Advertising agencies which use promobikes, marginally increase the number of exposition times to the audience, at a better value for money than competition.

Compared to static billboards, bus shelters, buses, trucks, ad-vans, mobile billboards and taxis, bikes operate with less advertising time wastage while riding it can access and being idle expose in the most crowded city areas, whereas previously mentioned means are limited by state or municipality laws. Promobike gets noticed and works all the time.

Operating in high street shopping or mall areas bikes can trigger impulse buyers. Campaign flexibility is ideal for launches and special promotions.

Mediabike operation

Mediabike is user friendly vehicle. Cross-section close to the seat gives better handling and stable ride with improved ergonomics which allows bike to reach an average speed of 15km/h a. Vehicle is 100% human powered therefore the same traffic laws and rules apply to mediabikes as to regular two wheel bicycles.

Bikes have rear indication and front urban safety lights installed which must be used according to traffic rules. It is advised to wear safety helmet while riding the bike. Promobike can be operated by riders not younger than 16 years old.

Advertising bike route tracking, to ensure efficiency and control of promo campaign

Online Real-Time GPS Tracking system enables customers to track mediabike location at present time and get reports worldwide. The tracking system is designed to provide positioning services with an accuracy ranging from 10 to 15 meters. Customers must first check tracking device compatibility with local service providers before they decide to have this feature installed in the mediabike.

Promobike advertising space

Promobike advertising space. Total advertising space 6.08m².

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