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Digital promobikes - Experiential OOH media with 94% recall rate

Digital Promobikes is unique and versatile form of mobile advertising, enabling customer to bring multiple content messages directly to the customer. Digital Promobikes is an environmentally friendly future of outdoor advertising.

Video display vehicles as well called video mobile billboards are wonderful at live events. Promobikes with integrated LCD TV sets are also perfect for high street areas where cannot be missed by pedestrians and bypassing car drivers.

Standard promobikes incorporated with one or two 46” LCD screens with full AV (Audio Visual) functionality capable of delivering high resolution videos or slide show stills. LCD screen surrounding area is fully wrapped/branded with vinyl sticker.

Digital Promobikes will bring ad where competition least expects it. To support the promotion, advertising bike riders engage with the audience and distribute marketing material.

HC Cosmos Limited brings experiential advertising to another level with 94% recall rate, by combining hi-tech with mobile OOH media tools.

Digital promobike capabilities:

  • Videos
  • Slideshows
  • Still Content
  • Audio (MP3, WAV, WMA etc.)
  • Bluetooth enabled

Putting your video messages on wheels makes HC Cosmos Ltd. mobile vehicle a perfect medium for target marketing and covering areas where traditional outdoor advertising has been limited.

Digital Promobike with plasma TV, Advertising bike Advertising bike with led TV Digital promobike Digital Promobike with plasma TV Advertising bike with TV