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Segway Advertising Billboard is a Unique Media Tool Enabling Advertisers to Reach and Interact with Thousands of Customers at Personal Level Daily

HC Cosmos Ltd. price leading, lightweight segway panels are ideal for delivering visual messages while riding in the city center, student campus, trade fair, exhibition, concert etc.

Custom designed made from aluminum composite material advertising billboards are very durable. Segway promopanels have a smooth surface which allows high resolution wraps to be placed on them. Vinyl sticker can be reapplied unlimited times.

Our segway advertising shields provide unique opportunity to operate at the most crowded indoor and outdoor locations. Unique segway advertising billboards allow our customers to interact with their target audiences face to face at trade shows, sports evens, concerts etc. Sampling bags installed inside segway billboard allow promoriders hand out product samples and leaflets during promo campaigns.

Promotrailer can be attached to segway for outdoor operation.


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