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Promobike technical description

  • frame – from certified Swedish steel (International ISO 9001:2000/ LST EN ISO 9001:2001)
  • seat - adjusted for stable ride with cross-section close to the seat, ergonomic and with easy entry
  • shade – made from durable organic glass (DIN ISO 9001: 2000), designed to shelter from weather influences
  • 6 sheet light-box - designed around outdoor advertising standard 1200mm (4ft) X 1800mm (6ft). Has back-lighting capability with custom-designed LED lighting system (durability up to 100.000 hours)
  • gears - internal 8 gear hub, more durable system requires less maintenance than derailleur gears
  • break system - all wheel hydraulic break system with parking fuction and brake pressures adjusted for maximum safety.
  • wheels - double alloy wheel rims, steel spokes, high pressure tires (Maxxis)
  • lights - rear indication and front urban safety light
  • custom designed sound system (Amp.: 20wX2channel, 55db; Spe.: max power:100w, imp:4ohm, S.P.L:91db, frequence response:9.5khz-19khz)
  • total weight 135kg (light-box included)
  • standard colors: metallic grey, metallic silver, metallic blue, metallic cherry, metallic green, metallic black.

Promobike advertising space

Promobike advertising space
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Promobike, Hydraulic brakes
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